drive in

Tonight we ventured out to Coburg for the drive ins. There was a special food truck ‘festival’ also as an attraction, which was basically six food trucks parked around a square with blaring Latina music, and strings of lights overhead that make anything seem festive and exotic. They recommend on the Village website to get there around half five to get a spot, we dutifully did so only to pretty much be the only car in our lot.


It was half an hour even before the sun started going down, but when it did, it was the most terrific sunset. Drive Ins used to be a way of life in Australia, there were hundreds of them all through the suburbs. There used to be one in Dundas, a suburb away from where I grew up, and I have vague memories of me and my sister in our pajamas and dressing gowns in the back seat all squeals and excitement, but usually being asleep halfway thru the first film. The site, like the great majority of former drive ins, now a housing estate, land, in Sydney especially, is too scarce and valuable to have big chunks of it used as a couple of lots and a diner.

The drive ins have that nostalgic appeal for some, sort of a naff retro novelty where people find fun in something old, obsolete and maybe a bit crap. But it is such a great way to see a movie, you get to control the volume for one, there’s no heads in the way, or loud popcorn eaters or harsh whispery chatters or shooshers to worry about, and the legroom in a car is excellent indeed! Plus at the end you just drive off, so don’t have to endure overhearing every one asking ‘so what did you think?’ and/or David/Margaret over profound reviews en-mass the moment the credits start to roll. Plus at Coburg, the movie radio frequency accompanies you to at least the front gate with stomping 80s singalong Ausrawk hits before it cuts out – take me back to yerr its been a long time!

The film this evening – the Inbetweeners 2 – was pretty much terrible, but enjoyed for the fact it was watched with the constant cringing and disbelieving shrieking and head shaking from the comfort of the car. An amazing mist rolled in part way thru, which made us initially think we’d just fogged up the windscreen, but when no amount of sleeved rubbing or wound down windows cleared it, the penny dropped. Though it only meant that one of the numerous scenes involving some sort of bodily fluid ending up on someone elses face was a bit hazy, so for that we were thankful.



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