Down the Lanes

Our first full day in Melbourne had us brandishing the shopping bags onwards for the short stroll to the Queen Victoria Markets where we imagined we would stock our empty shelves with fresh produce for a pittance. Our research was found wanting however, as the markets are closed each and every Wednesday… and Monday FYI. So we took our empty bags into town and were almost instantly rewarded with a free talk at Michael’s camera house, on what makes a photo a masterpiece due to start imminently. There were some really interesting examples where they showed the shots immediately before and after on the roll of what are widely considered ‘classic’ images. It is such a fine line between an image becoming iconic and on tea towels, and just a good image. We then marvelled at the shuttered wonder contained in the camera museum and vowed to wallpaper our next house with one of my photos – only $69 per square metre!



We wound our way to Fed Square, after a brief marvel at the gothicly imposing Manchester Unity building, and saw Angelica Mesiti: The Calling at ACMI. An amazing video work documenting a time-lost whistling language still used in some small pockets of the world. Headed across for the Sue Ford retrospective at the NGV, we’re members there don’t you know, thanks to the kindness of Amy’s former co-workers.

DSC_0812 DSC_0818

Braving the Collingwood badlands past Smith Street we eventually made our way to a friend’s gallery opening and met a whole swathe of super nice people, both interested and interesting and were taken to a superb local pub for a few pints of the brilliant Temple Bicycle Beer – brewed a mere few blocks away, A Trippy Taco for tea and a short walk home – bravo Melbourne, you’re pretty tops.




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