Down South (Melbourne)

We ventured from kangas country down to the home of the Bloods. From King to Clarendon, north to south. Amy was rapt at the homely village feel of the place, I was doing some footy tourism – pointing out to minimal, but polite, interest the town hall where South Melbourne FC were formed, the Star Hotel where we ended up after the 2012 grand final, the Rising Sun Hotel where we should have, and Lakeside Oval, home of the Bloods. We both loved the markets, the guy at the age-old footy stand resplendent in a cracking mullet that matched the age of most of his merch. Succumbed to a touristy Dim Sim, as we plonked down at Claypots Evening Star to stare at the locals.

DSC_0826 IMG_20140704_165042 IMG_20140704_165733


We walked back along St Kilda Road feeling colder that we have ever been, but were soon warmed from the view from the Princes Bridge looking over the Yarra.


Our new city kept on giving, as we saw ‘Ramblin’ Dan Brodie for free as part of the Leaps And Bounds Festival at the very excellent Grumpys Green, life was pretty good perched upon a couch, happy hour jug of beer, ace vegie burgers and Dan belting away below. Amy: “I Love chips!”


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